Top 6 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone Without Wi-Fi – Music Player Without Wifi Ever

Top 6 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone Without Wi-Fi – Music Player Without Wifi Ever

Are You Facing problems with the music app on your iPhone? Trying the other music players from the App Store? But most of the app is using Wi-Fi to listen to the music? So, how would you really find free music apps for iPhone without Wi-Fi?

Free Music Apps for iPhone Without Wi-Fi

To help you with this problem, to make your wish come true, we have searched the whole web. You can now save your favorite songs on the go. No more trouble when you are not in the range of Wi-Fi. In this article, you will get the top free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

So, you do not need to struggle to find the best music apps by searching and reading through different websites. Simply follow the article and you will find the best app according to your choice and preference in no time.

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The Best Free Music Apps for iPhone without wifi

So, let’s not make this article any longer and boring. Let me come to the point directly. Here are the free music apps for iPhone without Wi-Fi in which you can listen to your favorite songs while staying offline from the internet.

1. Umus

When we are talking about both “Free” and “Offline” the first music players come in the list id Umusio. Let’s see what features you will get installing this app:

  1. 100% Free

The most interesting part about this app is that it’s a 100% free. You do not need to waste your money on the other music player when you got the Umusio. We believe that everyone needs to cut his coat according to clothes. So, when you are searching for a free app, this should be your first priority.

  1. Easy Searching

There is, of course, a search button in this app. You can easily search the music by one tap of your finger. No need to tear down the whole web for the new songs. The songs will be updated automatically!


  1. Create Playlists

There are some songs that can give you a fresh feeling when you are on a journey, there are some party songs. And sometimes you need to listen to the country songs. All these types can be categorized easily in this music app.

  1. Works both Online & Offline

The music player works both offline and online. You can easily listen to your favorite songs. Or you can simply download it for listening later.

2. Deezer

Deezer is one of the coolest apps for playing music. Let’s see what you will get once you have installed the app on your phone.

  • Offline Player

Deezer is completely FREE and made for offline. When you are far from your home or office Wi-Fi, or you are on a journey with your friends or family, this is the music player you need most. You can save any song offline according to your need.

  • Amazing User Interface

The engineers have made the Deezer quite amazing. Once you install it on your phone, you will instantly fall in love with its user interface. The design is made both gorgeous and user-friendly. You will enjoy this app more than anything.

  • Create Playlists According to Need

When you are in need of sorting out all the songs in the library, this player will help you. You can create the playlists according to your demand.

  • Stream and Save

While it is an offline player, it will provide the advantages of listening to music anywhere. Additionally, Deezer comes with an option for online streaming. So it works either way you need. Now easily stream and save your music and listen to them while you are offline .

3.Spotify Music

Among all other free music apps for iphone without wifi, this is the music player without what this list would be incomplete. Spotify is one of the most downloaded apps till now. It also has a great user rating. Let’s see the reasons for which it is the best music player to all

  • Free Music Player

The Spotify comes totally free of charges. The charge for a song will be still counted though. Because you must pay the singer and the company that is releasing the new album. But installing and using this software is completely free.

  • Works both Offline and Online

This app also comes with the advantage of multi-purpose listening. When you are home, you can easily listen to your favorite song online. Now, when you go outside- just save the song when the internet is connected. That’s all you need to do. Now enjoy the song offline for a lifetime.

  • Unlimited Access to Music

You will find unlimited access to music from anywhere in the world. All the new songs and music are uploaded daily to the server. They all are well-organized in Spotify. So, now you won’t miss a single new/old song after installing this app.

  • Stream Audio, Video & Podcasts

As I have mentioned before. The app is multipurpose music app. It not only helps you with Mp3, Wav, and Amr format but also deals with videos and podcasts. They can also be saved offline for listening later.

  • Auto-Generated Playlist

This is one of the best features of this music player. You will get a pre-organized playlist in Spotify. The collection of your music in the device will automatically be organized according to title, genres, artists or song category. Now you can find all of your songs more easily and efficiently.


4. Napster


Napster is the music app that builds both for android and ios. Also, there is a PC version. The features you will get with this app:

  • Free to Use

Napster is completely free. The app developers made it free for the use of mass people. This is truly the best app in the market in the competition with open source. Such an app is free is unimaginable.

  • Offline Saving

Of course, it has the option to save the songs offline. As like the others in this list.

  • No Ads!

NO ADS! Unbelievable, right? But the true fact is, this app is really ad-free. The main income of this app comes through other ways. Therefore, it doesn’t show the disgusting ads on its home screen.

  • Kids Friendly

Napster is easy to use for kids. Because it has a kid mode in the menu bar. So, if you want your children to be safe, if you want them not to listen to offensive words in the song, this is the app you need.

  • Universal App

Napster can be used in a lot of devices. You can use it from your Android, is to your pc or mac. So, when you synced the settings and songs- it will be stored in your account. Then you can use multiple devices to listen to that music.

5. MusixMatch

Musixmatch is one of the most useful free music apps foriphone without wifi specially for the people whose primary language is not English. Because it provides lyrics with every song. Amazing right! There are other features you will get when you use this app.

  • Worldwide Free Service

Musixmatch provides a free download and using service worldwide. So, whichever country you are in, you will get the free service of musixmatch anywhere.

  • Works Very well with Offline

Not to mention but this app works as both offline and online.

  • Built-in Equalizer

The music match comes with the pre-installed equalizer. So, when you are trying to get the best sound- this is the app you want. You can control every bit of your song. The treble, bass, echo and all the things you need to get a perfect sound, all the options are there already.

  • Shows Lyrics

With the unique and exceptional feature of showing lyrics, MusicMatch is the app of my personal preference. It shows you all the lyrics while the song is being played. The interface is truly amazing. There is no doubt about this is one of the best free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

  • Gives Notifications about New Songs

Whenever a new song is being released, you will be notified if you want. Also, there are thousands of songs are being added daily in the store. You will be able to get in touch with the latest updates anywhere, anytime.

  • Songs are Categorized Automatically

When you install this software on your iPhone, all the music in your phone will be synced automatically. Moreover, this app will let you organize the songs according to their genres, artist, and album or even release year. You will get everything you need just in one touch.

6. Trebel Music

Besides these, there is also one other. Not so Popular- But it will give you the freedom to listen to the songs for free.

Treble music comes with ads, a lot of ads. Therefore, it is not so popular among all. Whenever you tap on a song, the player will show you an ad, then download the song. The music production company mainly gets the profit from selling these ads.

So, when you are looking forfree music apps for iPhone without wifi, you can also keep a place for Trebel into your mind.

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As you have finished the article successfully, it’s time for installing these free music apps for iphone without wifi. This app will definitely help to save you from passing a boring time by listening to the music on the go. But the most important, you do not require internet to listen to any song in these apps. Try these apps and you will not be dissatisfied- it’s a promise!

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