Top 20 Free Games Without Wifi 2021

In the world of online gaming or paid gaming, some people lost their interest in playing offline games. Actually, the offline gaming industry is also growing simultaneously as the online gaming industries.

Free Games Without Wifi is a lucrative word today. You are not only aware of these free android offline game how exciting, challenging they are like online games!


In today’s android games you can find games that use real motion technology, outstanding gameplay with stunning physics. There are games that can give you a real-world feel. Now let’s take a short look at such free offline android games that are sure to win your heart and provides you maximum pleasure.

Top 20 Free Games without wifi 2021


BODLAND is in the first position of free offline games for android lists because of it’s endless fun, graphics, gameplay and enhanced audio optimization. This is basically a 2D runner game. While playing this game you will find forest which is full of the various type of residents. Your task in this game will be, you need to find what wrong in the forest by overcoming many imaginary traps. Here you will get different level. You can also enjoy multiplayer feature on the same Android device. This game has 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and got a rating of 4.5 stars. So this is undoubtedly one of the best free offline games having a download size of 184MB only.

2. Shadow Fight 2 – games without wifi

This game is inspired by historic characters and has an awesome story. This free game without WiFi is for action lovers where you can give aerobic kicks, punches and other special moves like the King-fu movies. The main theme of this game is- you need a fight with a ‘Shadow’ losing his physical body. You will be equipped with various weapons and have to fight with demons. You will find numerous stage in this action games and thus you need to unlock many quests.This is called best free offline android games Ever

3. Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you are looking for best arcade racing game that is available free for android then Asphalt 8 Airbourne comes fast. With its outstanding graphics, sound quality, gameplay and a new addition to the bunch of cars make it one of the best free Android games without WiFi or internet in the racing arcade section. The game is enhanced with future generation graphics. Gameloft developed the game and they collected 47 licensed cars from the major manufacturers around the world. You can perform high-speed stunts which will feel like real and will also be able to perform crazy intense races. Moreover, the new game engine adds more reality to the racing.

4. Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you are looking true adventurous games then Minecraft Pocket Edition game comes first. It is also one of the best free offline android games because you need to use your creativity level while playing this game. This game is developed by Mojang. The main theme of this game is to create your own virtual world using different materials. You will find several modes to enjoy. The most interesting part of the game is- the bad guys come out when the sun comes down and they try to destroy your creation. So the mission of this game is also to provide protection from them. The game is available on Google Play Store sizing only 76.23MB.

5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This game is powered by three-dimensional graphics. Here you will play as Dave minion. This is referred to a funny game as you will be facing many funny situations. Though you may find it monotonous because of jogging whole the levels within that jogging, you need to jump through bombs to protect yourself, collect bananas for powering up. Also, you will find the quest for performing special tasks that will reward you extra points. The vector art of this game is awesome. You can download for free from google play store and it requires no Wi-Fi or internet to play the full game.

6. Infinity Loop

This free game without wifi on android is a game of cold nerve. You need to be relaxed while playing this game. All you need to do is to connect various curved shape and make a path without any break. Another mode is available- the dark mood. In this mode, the task is the opposite. You need to break down a shape into separate components. There you will find infinite level. The more you progress the harder the level becomes. You will find easy to play in early stages. The audio of this game is also soothing. The relaxing game only requires 4.05Mb to download it from google play store.

7. Duet

This free game on android is very simple to play but of great fun. All you need to do in this game is just to control two moving dots and you need to survive them against all odds that you are heading towards. In this game, you will find several levels and will be awarded by 25 achievements. You will be provided with lives for passing difficult situations. You will not only feel irresistible excitement but also feel relaxation while playing it. The musical symphony of this game will keep you calm.

8. Townsmen

If you are looking for best offline strategy games for android 2020 then the name of the game that comes first is- Townsmen. This strategic game is full of fun and excitement. At the beginning of the game, you will be sent to a rundown estate by the king. You need to build a big and well-planned city from a village. Also, you need to imply your knowledge to provide economic policy. You will fall in economic crises. That time you need to tackle the situation to save your city which will encourage you to play on. The new strategies you need apply frequently makes the game exciting. It is basically designed for those people who want to use their knowledge for developing the world. The excellent graphics with high energetic sound feature makes the game more life and makes it one of the best strategy games for Android 2020

9. Earn to Die 2 – games that don t need wifi

This arcade game has outstanding graphics with no internet required playing feature. This game will take you in a new world where you have to fight against zombies and can feel the bloody atmosphere. You will be provided with an armored truck to survive against living dead zombies. The only salvation of the game picks you up by helicopter. You can upgrade your car as drive faster until your gasoline dies. There you will find three levels of difficulty and get more accessories for crushing zombies after you’ve unlocked one level.

10. Six Guns: Gang Showdown –

This free game for android without wifi requirement is created and developed by Gameloft. In this game, you can feel the wild west. This third person true shooting action game is filled with cowboys, bandits, and vampires too. The environment of the game scenario may seem familiar because you will find Oregon and Arizona land. Here you will get 40 missions to complete. You will be equipped with racehorses and will also be able to unlock different clothes and weapons.

11. Alto’s Adventure –

For soothing music and simple playing nothing comes in compare with the Alto’s Adventure in a running game. It’s a simple ordinary runner game on snowy slopes. The game is enhanced with physics. You will be provided with three mission. After you’ve completed a set of 3 missions having 20 sets then you can unlock new player with new skills. This is a very stylish game with a sobering background. Also, you can have an endless run which provides perfect satisfaction and relaxation. The game is simple to play and it’s free in google play store.

12. Hill Climb Racing 2 – free games that don t need wifi

Hill climb racing 2 is an arcade racing game where you have to complete the mission and run your car, truck, bus, motorcycle, scooter and other on the countryside, grass road, city roads, snowy mountain etc. This android game comes with beautiful graphics and super sound quality. The gameplay of this updated version is far good enough then the previous version- Hill climb racing. In this updated version you’ve got more vehicles to drive over the hilly arcade.

13. Brain It On!- Physics Puzzles

If you are looking for a mental challenge game of the year which is a free game without Wi-Fi then Brain It On!- Physics Puzzles is here for you. From the name you can guess the game it all about. Yes, it’s about physics puzzles. This 2D physics game requires fingers to build the simple but stable structure. There are infinite level available, the more your proceed the harder the levels become. You need to show your creativity level and use your mental skill to solve the challenges.

14. Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is an entertaining game with challenges all through. The task in this game is to save your brains and invade to home before you’re attacked by the zombies. This arcade game has gained popularity since 2013 when the previous version Plants vs Zombies launched for Android. Here the plants are equipped with corn missile to fight against zombies. Also, they can launch watermelons to save themselves. This exciting but entertaining game is free to install from google play store. It is also one of the most addictive games and been downloaded 100 million+ times.

15. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Action adventure game lover? Try Assassin’s Creed Pirates. This is sure to be on your favorite list. This open world game is a tale of a Pirate- how he saves his life and ship overcoming many obstacles. Here the main character is named as Alonso Batel. He is the captain of his ship and has small scumbag team. On his way to finding treasures and hidden places, he is attacked by pirates. This game is exciting at every moment. The graphics, gameplay and sound quality provides additional beauty to the game. Also, it has great weather effects. You can observe clear changes of the day.

16. Punch Quest

This free game for android is developed from a fantasy novel. The story is based on Jork who has a naked torso and his hand is covered with huge gloves. With this gloves, he needs to fight against all odds such as dragons, monks, ninjas. He needs to train himself more action with that gloves and more combos while fighting against saber-toothed orcs. This fast and nice sounded game is so exciting as you proceed. So it’s our free games without Wi-Fi lists.

17. Smash Hit

If you like to take a journey to the abstract world with an endless arcade journey then this free game without wifi or internet Smash Hit is here for you. The main challenge of this game is you need to through the ball accurate and smash the glass obstacles. Though it requires a little bit of practice and patience it is simple to learn. As the game goes forward everything changes its direction. The camera runs forward the ball runs forward and takes you to a new world. This fun game has low complexity. Also, you can see high-ending visual component while playing the game.

18. Make More!

This game is called the game of positivity. Why? Because here you can enlarge your industrial business and can produce almost everything. You can hire employees, train them, build cool products in your industries, make candies, cakes and other agricultural products whatever you wish. The motivational music of this game will surely keep you energetic. That is why it is listed in our best free games without Wi-Fi for android device 2020 lists.

19. Cars: Fast as Lightning

This game is the parody race of famous cartoon. Here you can experience full-fledged racing with a gorgeous gameplay. Though it has some limitation in certain swipes running through the right track it’s still exciting and fun to play.

20. Swamp Attack

This game is based on Defence genre. This is one of the best arcade killer game son android. It has 78 level. The difficulty increase as you progress more. Though it becomes difficult it becomes interesting too. At the final episode of each stage, you will be fighting against the boss. The most interesting fact about this game is- the monster will gradually increase in number and makes the game more exciting and challenging.

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