Clothing for Photographers: How to Dress Like a Professional Photographer?

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Clothing for PhotographersYou might be a budding photographer, but whenever it comes to event-based job calls, the dress code is one serious issue. In fact, I’ve seen even professional photographers juggle in this regard.

However, the dead simple answer is- it depends on what type of occasion you’re covering an even on. For example, a portrait photographer can be more casual and flexible in terms of dress code comparing to a photographer covering corporate evens. Also, it depends on the location, , and culture.

Long story short, there is no particular dress code.

But there is some sort of norms and practices that will stand you out as a photographer in the even. And in this article, we’re going to discuss exactly what should photographer wear to a photo shoot

Photographer’s Dress Code Based on Occasions

Before heading right into the main section, let me tell you that the dress code of a photographer solely depends on what type of shooting he’s going to cover. As long as we all are concerned, each of these occasions has their own demand for dress code. And a photographer is no exception of that rule.

However, here are the generalized dress norms of three basic types of events that photographers need to cover often-

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays

This kind of events demands a photographer who’s dressed to portray authority. A rule of thumb of doing that is to stay with dark(black/grey) pants and loafers.

If you prefer to be a trip on unties shoelaces or, that would be a disaster for sure.

Outdoor/Sports Photography

We got this question several times each week- What to wear for a photo shoot outdoors?

When you’re shooting outdoors, forget the formalities and bring comfort in front of everything. Avoid anything that’s too tight or too loose for yours. As you’re going to be there for hours, make sure you’re dressed to remain comfortable for a long time.

Again, don’t wear anything that would distract you from the lends.

Studio Shooting

Frankly, it doesn’t even matter how much formally dressed up you are when it comes to shooting in your own studio. It’s all about your comfort and mood.

But if the shooting is about professional studio photography, then there is a little change in plan.

Try to look welcoming with a cozy, presentable dress code.

1. Shoes Are The First Priorities No matter what type of event you are covering, or what type of equipment you’re carrying on, comfort is the first priority for photographers. If we are more specific, it’s the comfort in movement. Which solely related to the type of shoe you’re wearing. As you’re likely to stand for hours, or encounter terrains during the shoots. So, if your shoe bothers in your comfort, your luck is going to be very bad that day. Therefore, we suggest you wear a pair of solid, comfortable pair of shoe that matches with rest of your outfit and with the season as well.

2. Be Modest, But Not As A Guest
In this age, photographers don’t have an option to wear low cut tops or extremely tight fitting clothing. Remember, one of the photographer’s dress code is, it shouldn’t be attention drawing at all. On other note, it shouldn’t be as formal as the guests as well. You have to stat in between this two zone. We suggest you dress in a way so that you can blend with the background. In other words, we’re suggesting you avoid loud colors and stay with plain, dark clothing.

3. Being A ‘Man in Black’ Is Not A Bad Idea
Although it’s quite contestable as a point, we think that wearing all-black is a good idea for a photographer. We will explain why- It’s a rule of thumb that wearing all black quite helps when you want to get invisible in the crowd and not to draw too much of public’s attention. Also, dressing all black will make you look like a staff member. And you can roam around anywhere you want. Personally, I’d prefer to set this as my wedding photographer dress etiquette. I have a dress set containing a pair of black skinny jeans, a leather black belt, black shoes, black polo shirts, black button-down blouses, and a black blazer. Whenever it’s wedding events, I prefer wearing anything from this collection of mine.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Ask The Organizers You know, many events and occasions have their own dress code in which all of the guests should fit in. If you’re really unsure of what you’ll be wearing at even, simply ask the organizers about it.

It’s a different case if you’re doing an intimate personal photo shoot. But it’s nothing to worry about as long as corporate events and occasions are concerned.

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