Car Rear View Camera Installation Guide [step-by-step]

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A rear view camera is quite important in terms of the safety and navigation of the car you’re driving. It gives you a hand to reverse and watch the area behind the rear view camera installation guide

And you already know that, right?

But what comes to be troublesome is when it’s time to install the rear camera into the car yourself. You can call upon a car mechanic and spend some bucks to get it done.

But as you’ve landed on this page, that indicates that you want to do it all yourself. In fact, every car owner should do this himself.

Worry not, we’ve got it covered with a step by step car rear view camera installation guide. We’ve divided it into bite-size chunks for making it actionable.

Enough of the intro. Let’s hop on the wagon and get started-

Items You Need to Install Car Rear View Camera

To get the process started, you need a certain number of items in hands. Here is the list-

  1. Mountable rear camera.
  2. The Monitor.
  3. Power Harness.
  4. RCA cable.

There are some more items you may need to get it done. But here are some details on each of the items of the list-

The Mountable Rear Camera

As you know, you need the right model of rear camera Aka sports camera for your car. The camera itself is similar to a monitor.

It helps you to watch the scenario behind your car. Usually, most of the modern car models come with a built-in rearview camera. But in case you own a car which doesn’t feature is, you need to go through the rest of the article.

The Monitor

This is a small video screen that is usually mounted into the windshield. It takes quite some space comparing to the internal built-in monitor, but this is okay as long as you consider the benefits of it.

However, if you want, you can use a standard video monitor instead of these. But that may not have the same features as an external monitor would have.

The Power Harness

For both affiliation and installation, power harness can be a handy instrument. It includes a DC power cable connection, a 12V power lead and a ground lead(black).

RCA Cable

The role of an RCA cable is to connect the camera and monitor and display whatever the camera captures. Usually, this cable is 45cm to 70cm long and sometimes, it can be black oxides.

The Step by Step Car Rear View Camera Installation Guide

Here are the steps to install the car rear view camera-

Step 1: Take Off The License Plate

Using a head screwdriver, your first task is to remove the screws on the license plate. Putt the plate off and put it aside. Don’t forget to keep the screws at a safe place as you’ve to put them back again.

Step 2: Open Up the Trunk’s Interior

Remove the car’s back panel and look for a solid interior panel. Usually, the interior panel covers up the opposite side of the license plate.

Now, insert a trim removal tool or any kind of thin device that’s behind the panel. Remember, opening up the interior can expose the car’s rear wiring cable.

Step 3: Drill A Hole in The License Plate

Now, take an electric drill machine and make a little hole in the license mounting area. While doing this, don’t forget to keep any obstacles between the license plate and the rear chamber.

Now, line up the hole to make a way behind the camera’s power and video cable. To figure out where it is, hold your camera and found the place to mount it.

Also, make sure to create this hole in large enough size so that it fits the power and video cable. Using drill bits of ⅛ inches to ¼ inches is wise.

Step 4: Take The Cable Through Rubber Grommet

Now, place a rubber grommet around the hole you’ve created and taken the power and video cable through that.

Make sure to place it tight so that the rubber grommet lodges into the hole.

Step 5: Power Up The Camera from Light Wires

This step is about finding a couple of light wires and fusing the camera along with the reverse light wires. You can usually find them in the trunk or hatch of the car.

Now, strip the car’s light wires and bare the openings. And now, fuse the camera’s power wires with the light wires. For safety, wrap up the combined wires.

Step 6: Place and Power The Monitor

Now, it’s time to place the monitor on your car’s dashboard. You may find handles to attach the monitor that comes with it by default. Once the placement is done, run the monitors’ splitter cable right into the fuse box.

That will do the job of powering the monitor up.

Step 7: Mount the Camera with The Monitor

Now, it’s time for the final step. Make sure that the monitor and the camera are well placed at their positions. Now connect the cables between the devices throughout the hole you’ve drilled earlier.

As the cable works and the powering are done, reassemble the screws and other items, and check whether the whole system is working or not.


  • Turn off the car before dealing with bare cables.
  • Beware of the correct wiring and sealing them up with scotch tapes or insulators.
  • Double check the stiffness of the hole for safety.


Most of the cars come with built in car rear cameras. But in case your car doesn’t have one, you need a complete car rear view camera installation guide form an expert. Here you go with the step by step guide.

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