Canon xa30 Review 2021 – The Best Professional Camcorder Ever


You have definitely found it a little disturbing when you have to share videos on the web but there is no web version available and you have to manually convert your mp4 videos. We have all been there but it’s time to get out of that shell.Canon XA30 review

The new Canon xa30 is here to relieve us from that problem. With the Canon xa30, you can capture videos in both HD-version and Web-version simultaneously. So you can directly upload the Web-version video.

But this is not the only feature where this camcorder stops providing. There are more, that you can find in this canon xa30 review. So let’s not waste any more time and find out more about it.


About the Brand

Canon electronics was founded in 1984, about 34 years ago, in Japan. Mr. MR. Takeshi Mitarai is the main founder of this company along with Mr. Goro Yoshida, Mr. Saburo Uchida, and Mr. Takeo Maeda.

When they created this company the first electronic device they built was a camera. Since then Canon electronics has quite an impact in the Camera manufacturing. The Canon xa30 is one of the camcorders they created so far.

What Do We Like Most?

Not all the camcorder or cameras in the market is able to capture videos for both HD format and a Web version simultaneously. But the Canon xa30 has this capability.

Though you can find a lot more features in this canon xa30 professional camcorder review, being able to capture dual format videos is the feature we like the most about this camcorder.


Pixels: 2.91 Megapixels

Sensor:HD CMOS Pro

Lens:High Definition Video Lens with 35 mm

Zoom: Optical Zoom (20x)

Screen:3.5 Inches OLED Display

Weight:2.54 Pounds

Battery: Lithium Ion BP-820

Power Adapter: Compact CA-570 AC

Canon xa30 – Product Overview

As a videographer, it is obvious you want to capture videos in HD along with a Web version of the video. Fortunately for you, the Canon xa30 provides this exact feature.

With simultaneous Web and HD-version dual recording, you can capture your videos is both formats.

Zoom into the details of everything you record. The Canon xa30 is a camera capable of providing 20x high definition zoom lens. With this lens, everything you capture looks crystal clear and no details in your recordings will be missed.

You can record every moment of your time in FHD with this amazing camcorder. Along with the multiple recording modes, you can create videos of 1920×1080 resolutions for having a full HD video.


Spread your skill of videography among your friends easily with the Canon xa30. The built-in Wi-Fi that comes with this camcorder will help you to share your videos instantly.

The Organic Light-Emitted Diode screen, also known as the OLED screen is yet another fabulous feature of this camera. With such amazing touchscreen, navigating a camera has never been so easier than the Canon xa30.

Capture the best videos in highlighted areas with the Canon xa30. The highlight priority that comes with this camcorder has made it possible. With this feature, saturated lights cannot bother you anymore.

Overall, the Canon xa30 is a camera full of awesome features that will complete all your requirements. For capturing everything in FHD and in details you can surely depend on this camera.


1. Small and compact with a lot of functions.

2. Can upload directly to the web without any conversion.

3. Provides XLR audio inputs for clear sounds.

4. External control handle can be mounted.

5. Reduces effects of camera shaking with stabilizer.

6. Dual SD card slot is available.

7. Both auto and manual focusing is available.

8. Detachable handle with two external mic input available.


1. Auto white balance function takes longer time.

2. The ire of the lens is very small to observe.



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: How long can it record?

Answer:For Mp4, it can record up to 45 hours with 3 Mbps and for AVCHD, it can record up to 24 hours with 5 Mbps.

Question: Can I take still pictures with this?

Answer: Yes. You can take pictures.

Question: Is HDMI cable supported?

Answer: Yes, it is supported.

Question: With the handle on the camera what is its height?

Answer: The height is about 5.75 inches with the handle.

Question: Is there any option for using night vision?

Answer: There is a night mode feature but no night vision.

Bottom Line

Uploading videos directly to the web and also keeping an mp4 format in the camera memory is one thing you have probably wanted the most in your camcorder.

You have already known about this feature of this camera from the canon xa30 camcorder review above. Also, you have found out what more amazing things this camera can do.

I am sure now you don’t have to think too much to choose this camera as there is no doubt that this is an awesome device for you. Finally, I hope this canon xa30 camcorder review was helpful for you.