Canon Vixia HF G40 Review: Is It best for Filmmaking?

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While recording videos, one of the most common problems you can face is running out of storage. I am sure this has already happened to you several times.Canon Vixia hf g40 REVIEW

In this case wouldn’t it be better if there were a device that has a higher storage capacity? Fortunately, there is! The Canon Vixia hf g40 is a device that has dual slots for SD cards. Each of the slots can contain memory card up to 2 TB.

But this is not the only benefit this camera gives you. It has a lot more awesome features. In this canon Vixia hf g40 review, I have talked about all of these features.

Let us continue with this Canon Vixia hf g40 camcorder review to know what this amazing device has to offer.

About the Brand

MR. Takeshi Mitarai, Mr. Goro Yoshida, Mr. Saburo Uchida, and Mr. Takeo Maeda founded the Canon Electronics in 1984. Since then this company has been contributing a lot to the field of electronics.
But this company is mostly famous for its high-quality cameras. And the Canon Vixia hf g40 is yet another amazing creation by Canon.


  • Camera sensor works amazingly even in low light.
  • Mic port is near to lens for capturing clear sound.
  • The touchscreen is large and colorful for easy navigation.
  • While walking camera shake is reduced with the image stabilizer.
  • Dynamic range gives more details in darker videos.
  • The build quality is very solid and compact to fit in hands perfectly.


  • With the manual control, you have to adjust the screen frequently.
  • Weight will feel heavier compared to other camcorders.

What Do We Like Most?

The Canon Vixia hf g40 is a unique camera with some unique features to offer you. But the best thing, according to us, of this camera is its storage capacity.

Actually, every camera gives you sufficient storage. Still, sometimes you may run out of storage accidentally. But, because of the double slot of SD card, this camera beholds twice the capacity compared to any other cameras. This is why it goes to the top of our list.


Pixels: 2.91 Megapixels

Sensor: HD CMOS Pro Sensor of Image

Lens: HD Video Lens with 35 mm

Zoom: Optical zoom (20x)

Screen: 3.5 Inches OLED Display

Weight: 1.98 Pounds

Product Overview

Videography requires a lot of storage capacity and there is no question about it. Amazingly, the Canon Vixia hf g40 is a camera capable of holding two SD cards at once. So you can get twice the storage compared to any other devices.

While capturing videos, flares or ghosting creates some distracting effects if the lens of the camera is not capable of zooming clearly. You can avoid these annoying distractions with the Canon Vixia hf g40.

With the 20X zoom lens of high definition, not only the above problem can be solved but also you can get sharp and clear videos with minimal distortion. The Canon Vixia hf g40 manual control needs some frequent adjustment for this.

Recording videos with all the details you want are not so tough now that the Canon Vixia hf g40 is here. The image sensor of this camera is HD CMOS that allows you to capture all the details you need.

Moreover the 1080/60p resolution of the mp4 videos you get here make your videos more enjoyable and clearly visible. Adding the camcorder of Vixia makes it easier to share the videos as well.

Too many effects in a video will surely bother you a lot. I know that youalways want your videos to look natural. For providing you exactly what you need the Canon Vixia hf g40 comes with wide DR gamma.

With this feature, you get a natural looking videography and there are no effects in the videos. Moreover, the highlight priority mode in this camera evens the saturation of your videos.

Overall, I can ensure you that with some canon Vixia hf g40 accessories like tripods and mics you can create the best quality videos.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Does it support external mic?

Answer: Yes. It supports mic, the port is near the lens.


Do I need any app to transfer files to the computer?

Answer: Yes, Apps or software like adobe premiere elements are helpful.


Is there any remote control with this camera?

Answer: Yes. You will get a remote control.


Can I use mini-digital tape?

Answer: No. SD card only.

Bottom Line

For capturing a longer video the Canon Vixia hf g40 is the best camcorder and there is no doubt. Not only that, it can also store more files in it compared to any other camcorder.


From the Canon Vixia hf g40 full HD camcorder review above, you can see how awesome the performance of this camcorder is. With this amazing camera, you don’t need to struggle too much to get the best video quality.

Finally, I am sure you have got all the information you needed from this Canon Vixia hf g40 review. And I hope this will help you to consider getting this camera.

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