Canon Rebel T5 for Vlogging – Everything you need to know

Canon Rebel T5 for VloggingEntry-level vlogging tools, especially cameras are getting a lot better. We’re quite sure no one can deny this.

But with budget options, there’s always a common misconception.

You lose a lot of detail and quality. To be fair, it is true to some extent.

But the Canon Rebel T5 for vlogging doesn’t give you that. You’re not just getting a budget vlogging device to create something different for your audience, you’re also getting keeping your bank balance in check.

So, what’s so special about the Canon Eos Rebel T5? Let’s find out.

But first, let’s have a look at the specs first.

Canon Rebel T5


  • The T5 features a 480-gram carbon fiber body with an overall dimension of 61.7-inches.
  • It’s an 18-megapixel camera with a sensor size of 3 x 14.9mm (APS-C).
  • The DIGIC-4 is capable of working with a 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • The autofocus feature offers both manual and automatic selection, with a 10-meter predictive focusing.
  • It features a native ISO range of 100 to 6400 with an extended range starting from 100 to 12800.
  • The shutter speed ranges from 30 to 1/4000 seconds.
  • The fixed pentamirror viewfinder offers around 95% coverage with a 0.80x magnification.
  • It features a 3-inch TFT LCD panel with a 170-degree viewing angle.
  • It’s capable of producing images in the sRGB and the Adobe RGB color space.
  • It’s capable of shooting HD video at 50fps and Full HD videos at 30fps.
  • The T5 can capture full 30-minute video footage with a size of 4-gigabytes.
  • There are a total of 11-custom functions with 33 overall settings.
  • The image production and transfers support SD, SDXC and SDHC formats, all thanks to a high-speed USB connection.
  • It uses a Lithium-ion battery with a 4-level battery charge indicator.
  • To save power, there is an automatic shutdown feature, taking around 30-seconds to go into power saver mode.



Features and Benefits

An Entry-Level option

Beginners are always looking for the one camera that’s going to get them going. They don’t want to shed too much cash. But they don’t want to cheap out either. That’s where the price to performance ratio comes into play.

Fortunately, with the specs you’re getting for the money, it’s safe to say that you’re not losing out on much. As a matter of fact, considering the usability of the Canon Eos T5, it’s the perfect choice for an amateur vlogger.

A Small yet sturdy device

Vloggers are always looking for a small-scale device to start vlogging anywhere, anytime (well, you don’t know what’s going to happen!). And from the canon rebel t5 review, we can see that this device checks that criteria to a good extent.

Even with its batteries, it’s fairly lightweight and takes up a considerably small amount of space. For novice users, it’s something that matters a lot.

Image quality and usability

With the 18-megapixel APS-C sensor paired with DIGIC-4 image processing, there’s not much to complain in the image quality department. You get sharp and crisp images along with proper stabilization and control.

Now the image stabilization is a bit jittery, but we think any newbie can look past this and manhandle it, with the proper care of course. The ISO range is commendable as well. Nothing to complain about in that department.

A few small things here and there

When you have a relatively small amount to work with, there’s very little you can do about the details. We’re talking about the features here, of course.

Well, thankfully, the Eos T5 has a few itty-bitty details that can compensate for some of its drawbacks. For instance, the button layout is pretty standard. If you’ve handled a camera before, then it shouldn’t take too long to get used to the T5.

Also, it’s got good battery life (though it’s not great). Furthermore, you’ll have no real issues with compatibility or file transfer. Overall, it’s a great all-around package, even for a beginner.

It’s good for vloggers because

The Canon Eos rebel t5 review shows a good deal as to why it is a proper amateur vlogging camera.

Vlogging in 2019 has become a distinct art. You’re not just using it to shoot memories, you’re creating memories. You’re also creating a fan base around you, who will follow you along the ride.

To make that happen, you’ll need to have a device that can make it all happen.

Fortunately, even if you don’t have a bucket-load of cash, you can still use the Canon Rebel T5 for vlogging. This 18-55mm IS II camera isn’t just for photographers, but for vloggers as well who want to get started with their vlogging.

It gives them a sense of purpose, crisp and sharp 1080p video to produce and share in a convenient manner. Not just that, they’re also presented with the option to play around with more than 30-image settings.

Overall, the learning process becomes a lot smoother for new vloggers overall. And that’s what makes the T5 a versatile option.

What to watch out for

The shutter mechanism, first of all, is something that needs proper attention. It is a bit on the noisy side. And this can meddle with your vlogging, especially when maintaining noise balance is a necessity.

This adds more problems while taking snaps of your surroundings.

Also, the ISO or signal to noise ratio is a bit annoying at times. I think this can work out as an advantage, in the sense that you get to play around and learn to identify better noise reduction.

About the brand

Canon, formerly known as Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd. back in the 1900s, had a knack for producing cutting edge optical marvels. After it surfaced as Canon Inc. in the 1960s, it started producing other digital output devices like printers and photocopiers.

Still today, we see video output devices from Canon that are not just flexible and reliable to use, but they also mark the companies creativity and thirst to thrive more in the field of technology.

The Canon Rebel T5 for vlogging isn’t just a great option, it’s the right option.

From the feature stack, it’s clear that the video quality and image sharpness is more than enough for a new user. Not only that, it keeps the overall budget down by a significant degree.

And if you value your earnings, but don’t want to cheap out too much, then you may want to have a crack at the T5 yourself. Good Luck!