Canon G7x for Vlogging: Everything You need to know

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Canon G7x for vloggingVlogging often requires sharing your lifestyle and views. And if the camera you’re using for this purpose doesn’t make the cut, then you’ve already lost.

Fortunately, the canon g7x for vlogging checks a lot of the boxes that you’d need to build a successful vlogging network. Paired with aggressive pricing and a solid feature set, the g7x may deserve a spot in your everyday backpack.

Let’s jump in and see the offerings of the canon g7x.

Product Specification

  • Features a 1-inch 20.2-megapixel highly sensitive CMOS sensor, features 4.2x optical zoom.
  • It comes with Canon’s precise and accurate DIGIC-6 image processing.
  • Features a focal length up to 100-mm with a 24-mm range at the lowest side.
  • The camera aperture ranges from F-1.8 to F-2.8.
  • The focusing range can go from 5-centimeter to 40-centimeter.
  • The ISO ranges from 125 to 12800.
  • The maximum burst rate of photography for JPEG is 6.6-frames per second.
  • Supports MOV and MP4 video formats.
  • The 3-inch LCD touch display features 1.04-million colors.
  • Supports full HD, 60-Hz recording at 34Mbps.
  • Features Wi-Fi support with NFC.
  • Battery life holds up to 200 shots.
  • A built-in flash is enabled.
  • RAW image capture is enabled at 3:2 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

Features and Benefits

Superior Image Processing

The sophisticated high-performance CMOS sensor is where the magic happens for the canon g7x. Thanks to the DIGIC 6 image procession, vlogging at night will not be a problem.

Also, one of the notable features of the g7x is the 4.2-optical zoom with a circular aperture diagram with 9-frames. This allows for precise night time photography and vlogging, offering smooth and colorful images. Also, the wide sensor sensitivity/ISO range enables bright and crispy details, prudent for vlogging on-the-go.

Crispy 1080p video capturing

Vlogging in 2020 needs to be clear, concise and with lots of details. That’s why 1080p video recording is prudent, both for novice and expert vloggers alike.

And with such aggressive pricing, full HD video recording may seem like a dream come true. And, fortunately, canon did make it happen.

The 1080p videos seem sharp and detailed. Thanks to the DIGIC image processing, vlogging with details of the best quality is doable in 2020.

A Vibrant LCD display with 180-degree movement

The 3-inch touch-responsive display on the canon g7x vlogging camera features a color-depth of 1-million, meaning the colors pop out in detail while capturing live video feed. Also, having a 180-degree movement of freedom is certainly a big deal when it comes to vlogging.

RAW image capture with support for a good range of video formats

RAW image capturing is an essential feature for vloggers because of the versatility it provides. Also, support for a wide range of video formats is something vloggers these days need to be aware of.

Thankfully, the g7x from canon takes care of all these details in a proper manner. Although there may be some compatibility issues, it’s nothing but a minor detail to ignore.

Support for Wi-Fi with good battery life

For a vlogging camera to have Wi-Fi support with NFC is like a blessing from the heavens. Pair that with decent battery life, and you have the recipe for some top-of-the-line video capturing.

The canon g7x not just checks the feature boxes, but maintains their quality with adequate detail.


Overall, stacking all the features together, the g7x doesn’t disappoint at all. As a matter of fact, it does a lot for a vlogger, keeping his wallet balance healthy at the same time.

It’s Good for vloggers because-

For a vlogger, there are a few key considerations when it comes to choosing a camera.

First of all, it has to be lightweight and small. Also, the weight has to be suitable enough for on-the-go vlogging.

The canon g7x comes in at 0.67-pounds with an overall dimension of 15-inches. If that’s not small enough, then we think you need to get your priorities straight. Overall, it shouldn’t even cause a dent on your backpack.

Second, and the most important part is the image quality. And with all the features we’ve discussed earlier, alongside all the testing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the g7x vlogging cam does more than a phenomenal job of capturing crisp and detailed pictures and videos.

Last but not least, the camera should have some form of connectivity.

The g7x features Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC, which is more than convenient for sharing your thoughts with the outside world. Also, support for multiple formats does make a strong case.

What to watch out for?

Whenever you are vlogging, you’d expect sharper images overall. Unfortunately, with the g7x, the edges don’t seem a lot smoother than you’d expect. Also, battery life is good, not great.

These are minor details. But you should keep them in mind.

Bottom line

I think it’s clear to everyone anyone as to why the canon g7 is so good for vlogging.

If you can look past the pricing (which is certainly justifiable), the feature set you are getting certainly works, even if you are a novice. Also, for creative professionals, it packs a punch with such solid image quality and video capturing.

Overall, having to look at all the specs, we think the g7x from canon is certainly worth it.

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