Camcorder 101: Does Camcorder Take Pictures?

Does Camcorder Take PicturesCamcorders are vastly known as devices to shoot and cast videos. We were not very likely to take still pictures through the device.

But brace yourself, technology has come up a long way. And we have digital camcorders now. And through a digital camcorder, we can take photos and still pictures of good quality.

However, this article is crafted with an intention to explain how do digital camcorders take pictures, and how good it is in terms of quality.

Let’s start with the article-

Photo Mode Vs. Built-In Digital Camera

In the discussion of whether camcorders can take photos or not, this is an essential comparison. Because all of the digital camcorders can take photos by the photo mode. But that doesn’t come to be highly qualified ones.

On the other hand, some cameras have built-in digital cameras along with camcorder. And that is way ahead when it comes to quality still picture capturing.


However, we are introducing a head to head comparison of the capacities of taking pictures with both of these features. And Hopefully, you will have the answer to your question-

Taking Pictures with The Photo Mode

A photo mode is nothing but a feature to freeze a certain frame of the video that a camcorder records. And mostly, this feature is found in camcorders which are not digital but with tape recorders. You can take pictures with the Photo mode just with a switch.

The photo mode of the camcorder is not an actual photographic tool, it’s just the ‘free for 5 seconds’. And you can’t do much with it.

However, if you want to take a still picture from the photo mode, you can do that in tow ways. One is to take the camcorder in photo mode and take a still picture. And another way is to take the video to your computer and capture a particular frame of the video at the right moment.

And both of the qualities will be almost the same, in terms of picture quality.

The Built-in Digital Camera

The built-in digital camera is the actual still photograph taking a tool that you can use instead of a regular camera. And for obvious reasons, this comes with digital camcorders only which have memory cards embedded in. You can download the photograph later with a USB cable or Memory card reader.

There are variations in terms of resolution, which are measured in the unit of megapixel. Before you decide which quality of still pictures that you are expecting, you should have a firm knowledge on the megapixel of the camera.

If you ask us, we would recommend getting a camcorder with at least 2-megapixel photo resolution. Because anything under such resolution isn’t well-printable in papers.

And of course, the quality of any camcorder with a built-in digital camera is way ahead of the quality you would get in a camcorder with photo mode.

Bottom Line

These two were a basic couple of ways through which a camcorder can be able to take still photographs. And in 2019, we would definitely recommend you to go for built-in cameras in digital camcorders.

However, there are some other ways of taking photos with camcorders. For example, there is a continuous mode of taking photos. In here, your camcorder allows you to take photos in between recording a video.

This feature, however, comes with expensive camcorders from good brands. ANd costs some extra bucks for obvious reasons.