Why Does My Camcorder Says Card Error? Explained

Why Does My Camcorder Says Card ErrorA memory card is an inseparable part of your camcorder. It’s the place where all of your beautiful pictures are stored. But sometimes, you might get the message- ‘Card Error’.

If you’re in such a situation, don’t worry. You are not the only person in this. It’s common camcorder maintenance 101 and there are the pretty straight forward solution to this problem.

This guide will take you through the ways by which you can find the solution to the problem. But let me tell you, it takes a number of trials and errors to find the right reasons behind. Therefore, we will take you through a few possibilities and any of them can be the reason behind the problem.

Anyways, let’s not waste any more words. And get right into the topic-

Why Does My Camcorder Says Card Error?

Possibility 1: Your Memory Card is Write-protected

One of the common reasons for memory card error message is, it’s not allowed to intake any file from the camera. You can also be certain about this problem once you attempt to access the files and transfer them from the card. It will show up a message like- ‘Memory card is write-protected.’

If you find similarities of these in your case, you have to change the writing permission of the card. You have to attach the card with the PC through a card reader.

Possibility 2: The Card is Physically Damaged

Another possible reason for the memory card error message is, the card can be physically damaged. No matter which brand or quality the card is of, there are hundreds of reasons for being damaged. If you take out the card and observe closely, you may find a broken cheap or pin. If so, you have no option left except changing the card immediately.

Possibility 3: Your Memory Card May Need to Be Formatted

Sometimes, due to technical errors, the best way to solve the issue is to format the memory card. If you encounter the issue, you need to connect it with a computer via a card reader. And you’ll be given with options to format the memory card.

However, remember that in this way, all of the files and folders will be erased from the memory card.

Possibility 4: The Memory Card May Have Some Shortcut Virus

Shortcut virus is a widely familiar malicious file that can a memory card’s ability to be written or re-written or read. The way to identify whether your memory card had been affected is through connecting it with the computer. If you see the icon of the memory card to be unrecognized by the computer, it may be the shortcut virus.

If you find shortcut virus in your memory card, there is free software available to get over it. Also, it can be erased with the help of the command prompt as well. You should get through the exact process and codes before attempting to remove the shortcut virus.

Possibility 5: The Memory Card May Not Have Enough Space

A last possible reason behind card error is insufficient space. As you know, no memory card has unlimited space to store the photos and files. And if your Best camcorder can’t store files into it anymore, it may show up the message.

The fix to the problem is nothing but freeing up some space. You may store the old photos and videos to another space in the computer. Or putting a new memory card in space of the old one.

Bottom Line

So far, we’ve discussed five possible reasons why your memory card shows up an error message. It can be a lack of space, internal or external damage or a malicious file in the memory card. No matter what, finding the solution asap is the best idea.