Why does a Camcorder need wifi? Full Details

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Unless and until you have a substantial holding in a cable concern, you don’t like to deal with the mess of cables. No matter which kind of device you’re dealing with, no one likes to be tangled around with cable connections.

On that same note, camcorders of modern days come with Wi-Fi connection in them, and there is no wonder in this.

In this post today, we will explain what exact benefits you will receive and why does a camcorder need WiFi.

Stay with us till you are at the dead bottom.

Benefits of Having A Wi-Fi Enabled Camera

When a sports handyam is enabled with Wi-Fi connection, it can do a number of things for you. This will certainly make your video recording and transferring process easier.

Here is a list of benefits of what a Wi-Fi camcorder can provide you with-

Transferring high definition video file

The first and foremost function of a Wi-Fi connection between a Pro camcorder and your computer is to transfer large-sized photograph and high definition videos. In order to do that, you have to keep them both in the same wireless network. You can literally say goodbye to the cables!

To recognize a device in any wireless network

When your camcorder is enabled with Wi-Fi connection, it can be recognized as a device from any other device under the same network. What it means is, you can stream any video from the camcorder to a monitor without any cable connection. Instead of computer monitors, you can also use a television monitor or any other media players.

On and side note, you need to have a camcorder that can work with DLNA specification.

The drawbacks of a Wi-Fi enabled camcorder

It is true that a wireless connection between your camera and your computer rescues you from the trouble of dealing with wires. But for super large video files, it will take a significant amount of time. Transferring the same files with and USB cable would take a shorter period of time.

Using Wi-Fi is a serious threat when your battery power is significantly low. As you already know, Wi-Fi technology is likely to eat off much of your battery power. So if you have a low and battery inside your camcorder, you cannot operate for a long time keeping the Wi-Fi connection on.

Lastly, it is the cost. For obvious reasons, a camcorder with a Wi-Fi connection would cost you way more than those models with no Wi-Fi connection. Similarly designed models which have no Wi-Fi, often lie within the low and budget.

What is the future of Wi-Fi technology in camcorders?

So far, regular Wi-Fi connections are not the best way to transfer bulky HD video file. Such transferring is time-consuming and often ends up with disconnection.

However, we have the next level Wi-Fi technology called 802.11ac, which is supposed to get over the issues of previous Wi-Fi technology.

Just like any new technology, this Wi-Fi improvement will take some more time before reaching to mainstream consumers. Once it is done, you can expect a super fast Wi-Fi technology right in your pocket camcorder.

Bottom Line

Having Wi-Fi connections will give you a number of benefits. But as long as the future technology comes in, you have to cope up with the drawbacks as well. With the improvising Wi-Fi technology, the issues that are present right now will be recovered very soon. At least that is what we all are expecting.


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