Why Camcorder is better than DSLR? Explained

Why Camcorder is better than DSLR ExplainedWhen you are up for buying a camera, there are three different options in an overall sense- DSLR cameras, mirrorless camera, and Professional camcorders.

Let’s put the mirrorless cameras aside, and talk about the two types of cameras that are mostly used nowadays- the DSLR cameras and the camcorders.

In both of these cameras, there are pros and cons and features that make sense while recording or taking photographs. We have seen many of our readers to ask why camcorder is better than DSLR?

We are going to break the points down in this regard. Let’s start

What is the difference between a camcorder and a DSLR?

A camcorder is specially designed with built-in zoom lenses and swiveling screens. In some of the expensive camcorders, you can also find a built-in microphone and professional audio input system.

Camcorders are great for shooting live videos, on-the-go events, and vlogging. But if you talk about photography, camcorders are not the best option available.

Let’s talk about the DSLR cameras now. DSLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses, along with a mirror which reflects the images to the viewfinder. There are higher in price but you can certainly tell why?

The main drawback of DSLR cameras are- their size and weight. If you have to shoot a still photograph or a video, you have to use support systems like tripods. You cannot imagine them on the action while shooting handheld videos.

Why camcorder is better than DSLR?

Now let’s talk about the points and the reason why camcorders are way better option comparing to DSLR cameras. We are not talking about professional photography here. We are talking about day to day uses and regular persons like you and me into consideration.

Let’s go through the point-

Car handling and stability

The best part of our camcorder is, it can provide you a decent quality video and let you shoot that video right with any of your head. You will not face any hardship to hold that camera steadily, and even to move smoothly in between the shots.

However, if you want more of the stability and handling, there are monopods or tripods available. But modern camcorders come with built-in stabilization feature. So that you don’t have to struggle with the issue anymore.

The focusing power

When you are shooting a live video, there is no scope to judge the focusing power of a camera. However, sometimes you need to magnify the frame that you are recording, and that can be well done with good quality camcorder.

If you have to focus on a moving object while recording a video, DSLR camera is a better option comparing to camcorders.

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Audio capability

While recording videos or live events, you have to record the sound as well. But most of the DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras don’t come with a built-in headphone socket. Even some of the models cannot record good quality audio with a separate microphone either.

When you compare the same feature of a camcorder, it will put a smile on your face. Camcorders are well known for their audio recording capability maintaining a good quality as well. YouTubers, journalists, and vloggers are very likely to shoot their videos with sports cam.

Bottom line

Although it is an obvious factor, we cannot resist mentioning the price-point of camcorders comparing to DSLR cameras. Camcorders come to be way cheaper and affordable comparing to even semi-professional DSLR cameras. So, if you are tight in budget, the camcorder is a way better option rather than having a hectic DSLR.