Best HP Gaming Monitors under $300 in 2021 (Tested & Reviewed)

Best HP Gaming Monitors under 0Are you looking for a gaming monitor but don’t want to break the bank? HP has got your back with these gaming monitors under $300.

Having a good gaming monitor can make a huge difference to your visual experience. A dedicated gaming PC setup must have a monitor of the same caliber to fully utilize what’s under the hood. Until recently, when it set up its gaming arm Omen by HP, the tech company wasn’t a household brand with gamers. However nowadays HP is entrenched in esports and its products for gamers include a wide range of PCs and laptops with powerful graphics cards, fast response gaming mice, and cutting-edge keyboards.

Depending on what your setup looks like, there is a lot to consider when buying a gaming monitor. From the refresh rate and response time to the resolution and graphics card, the optimal specs should be in tune with your PC’s capabilities. As with anything, monitors with higher specs tend to be on the more expensive side.

But as HP has begun appealing to the casual gaming community, it now offers a line of budget-friendly monitors that don’t compromise performance. And here are some of them:

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1. HP 27-inch FHD Curved MonitorHP 27-inch FHD Curved Monitor

Curved monitors are designed to increase your immersive experience. HP’s 27-inch FHD Curved Monitor eliminates distortion at the edges by extending your field of view. With 1920 x 1080 pixels, you might think it’s not nearly HD enough, but the AMD Freesync Technology makes up for the difference. The adaptive sync gaming technology avoids tearing and reduces stuttering in your monitor.

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Packed with anti-glare technology and a 5 ms gray-to-gray response time, it’s perfect for first-person shooter games.


2. HP EliteDisplay E273 27-inch Screen LED-Lit MonitorHP EliteDisplay E273 27-inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Sitting on an IPS panel with a 250 nits brightness and an FHD display, HP EliteDisplay E273 is an all-in-one gaming monitor. With a pivot rotation of 90 degrees and 178° horizontal/vertical viewing angles, it’s made to make you comfortable while playing. The HP EliteDisplay E273 also supports an RJ-45 Ethernet connection so you will experience minimal lag. That’s why despite the 7ms GtG configuration, it can deliver response rates that can support competitive gaming.


3. HP Pavilion 32-inch LED QHD Monitor

Going up the ladder, you get 2560 x 1440 of QHD visual experience with the HP Pavilion 32-inch LED monitor. As with the other two above, the HP Pavilion monitor boasts a 60fps that’s suited for most games out there. In fact, Lifehacker notes that most gamers don’t even need speeds up to 360 fps, as visuals are typically capped at 30. The HP Pavilion also has the AMD FreeSync synchronization technology for crystal clear graphics. Additionally, the screen is ENERGY STAR®-certified, meaning it’s also energy efficient.


4. OMEN by HP 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor

OMEN by HP 32-inch QHD Gaming MonitorAt the higher end of the $300 HP gaming monitors, lies the OMEN by HP 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor. Aside from the same QHD resolution, it features a 75Hz refresh rate. It also has the AMD FreeSync technology on top of its VA display technology, enabling it to produce crisp colors and better contrast. This makes it perfect when you’re setting up for YouTube Gaming or streaming on Twitch, as you can maximize the large screen. While the monster monitor initially launched at around $400, you can get it on sale today at most online shopping sites.