Top 5 Best Condenser Mic Under 200 Dollars in 2021 – Buying Guide

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A condenser microphone is a great component for recording the instrumental sound, vocals perfectly to reproduce high-quality sound from it.

Condenser microphone gives you the convenience to record clean sound from a wide range.

Besides, the condenser microphone reduces the noise from the sound and deliver the clean sound all the time. There are different types of condenser microphone available in the market with various functionality with various price. You might get confused which one to buy for the long list of the same type of products also considering the budget as well. To help you out in this situation I have brought you the list of the top rated condenser mic under 200 dollars in the market. Hope it will help you to find your best buy from the market in 2020

Best One [Editors Choice]


Here is Review of Top 5 Best Condenser Mic Under 200 Dollars

  1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver
  2. Audio-Technica AT2035
  3. AKG P420
  4. Blue Spark Blackout
  5. Shure PG27-LC Multi Purpose Microphone

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

Product Overview

Bring a complete package of multi-purpose recording microphone to your home by adding Blue Yeti USB Microphone to your cart. This fabulous USB condenser microphone allows you to select four different patterns which are cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo according to different recording conditions. For this reason, it becomes very easy for you to record vocals, instrumental music, podcast, interview, conference calls, field recordings and so on conveniently with this single pack condenser microphone.Blue Yeti Is The best usb condenser mic for streaming

In addition, with the multiple patterns, Blue Yeti features the exclusive tri-capsule array which makes it a perfect mic for recording in any situation properly. This advanced technology allows it to produce crystal clear, studio-quality recording all the time.

Also, Blue Yeti USB Microphone gives you excellent control over it with multiple buttons for controlling the volume of the headphones, patterns selection, muting the volume etc. Also, you can control the gain of the microphone with the help of the gain control button. As a result, you will get an exceptional recording experience with this outstanding USB microphone.

Moreover, Blue Yeti is a great convenient USB condenser microphone with the Plug n’ play feature which allows you to connect it to both Mac and PC and create excellent recording directly on the Mac or PC.


  • Advanced tri-capsule array technology.
  • Four polar patterns in a single pack.
  • Perfect for multi-purpose work.


  • Heavyweight.

2. Audio-Technica AT2035 review

Product Overview

Looking for a perfect condenser microphone for your professional recording studio at an affordable price? Presenting you the Audio-Technica AT2035 condenser microphone which is one of the best condenser mics for home studio in the market to deliver a rocking performance in your home as well as live performances.

Audio-Technica AT2035 includes a protective pouch and a custom shock mount which keeps the mic safe and the rugged construction of this mic ensures the durability and heavy performance.

AT2035 features a large diaphragm which makes it an efficient one for reproducing smooth and natural sound from the source. Besides, this special diaphragm makes it able to eliminate the noise from the sound and making it ultra-clean. According to most successful Youtube gamer Audio-Technica AT2035 is the  best condenser mic for streaming

Also, this condenser microphone comes with cardioid polar pattern reduces the sound that accesses from the rear and sides of the mic. For this reason, the desired sound source remains isolated from the other noise. As a result, you get a detailed and clean as well as noise-free sound every time.

Moreover, the switchable 80 Hz high pass filter and the 10dB pad helps it to handle the high sound pressure level easily. Additionally, the Pop filter removes the annoying “plosives” from the recorded sound which makes it one of the best mics under 200 for vocals.


  • Complete isolation of the source which produces a clean sound.
  • Smooth and natural sound.
  • Eliminates noise and plosives from the sound.


  • The pop filter may break due to bad using.

3. AKG P420

Product Overview

AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule True Condenser Microphone arrives in the market with its exclusive features

which will definitely attract you towards it for its high-quality performance. This condensed microphone brings dual diaphragm and multiple polar patterns in it which makes you able to use it in different condition for a perfect result every time. Let’s have an overview of this product which will let you know more about this product.

AKG Perception 420 contains one-inch dual diaphragm in addition to the three polar patterns which are cardioid, omni and figure-8 patterns which you can choose according to your need. You can select these polar patterns according to the environment to get the perfect setting.This one also good for youtube gaming commentary in 2018

Besides, AKG P420 features a convenient shock mount and a metal case to keep it safe. Also, it includes a 20 dB pad switch and a bass cut filter switch which helps to eliminate the unwanted wind noise as well as the other low-frequency sounds. For the high dynamic range, it produces less output with its quality low noise electronics and transformers.

Moreover, this condensed mic adds switchable attenuation pad which can be applied to high SPL up-to 155 db.


  • Multiple polar patterns.
  • Option for working on high SPL.
  • Low noise.


  • Manual is not detailed enough.

4. Blue Spark Blackout 

Product Overview

Blue Microphones Spark Condenser Microphone is one of the best condenser mics for streaming in the market for its remarkable attractive features at a lower price. For this reason, I have included this mic in the list of the best condenser mic for acoustic guitar. Let’s see the details below.

Blue Microphones deliver a rapid response to any recording situation for its premium condenser capsule. This capsule eliminates all kinds of unwanted bad noise from the sound efficiently and produces high-quality tune and vocals out of the sound source. Moreover, the focus control of this condenser mic allows it to select the sound source to deliver tighter and focused sound.

Also, its condenser capsule is paired with a phantom-powered outboard amplifier which drives the capsule accurately with a linear control for delivering the best performance out of it.

Additionally, Blue Microphone Spark also features a custom shock mount and a metal pop filter which ensures the safety. It also includes a complete setup guide a well as a recording guide helping you to set up the mic for a different environment to record the vocals and various instruments.


  • Rapid Response.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Lower noise.


  • Shock mount requires strong thumbs to tighten up.

5. Shure PG27-LC Multi Purpose Microphone

Product Overview
Shure PG27 -USB Multi-Purpose Microphone brings you the opportunity to produce high-quality sound from various sound sources. The neutral frequency response and the low-self noise enables it to reproduce a variety of sound from the piano, drums, acoustic guitar, vocals and so on.

PG27 features an integrated pre-amp with the Microphone gain control which enables it to control the strength of the input signal. Besides, the Zero Latency Monitoring eliminates the disorientation during real-time playback and multi-tracking.

Moreover, the 1/8” headphone jack allows you to monitor the sound of the blending microphone and the playback audio on the monitor mix control.

Also, the USB plug and Play connectivity feature make it a convenient one for digital sound recording. For this reason, it is one of the best USB condenser mics for home studio, stage performance in the market for its unbeatable sound quality.
As a whole, the quality pro-calibre sound from the PG27 makes it a great one for using in rehearsal, performance and sound recording & This is one of the best condenser mic for the money


  • Easy Plug n Play connectivity feature.
  • Input strength control.
  • Versatile usage in rehearsal, performance, and


  • May not last long if not used with much care.

Buyers Guide

Are you going to have a condenser microphone recently? If affirmative, then you will have to know some important facts about the condenser mic before buying one. I am here for you with those vital facts of condenser mic to provide you a reliable guide to mark out the best condenser mic for podcast which will really affordable for you.

  • Usage

Choose your microphone depending on the sound pressure level that you are going to record. If you are going to record high sound waves, then mics with high SPL will be suitable for you.

  • Diaphragm Size

Diaphragm size is also important while buying condenser mic. Condenser mic which has large diaphragm works well with many instruments.

  • Polar pattern

Also, check out the polar patterns of the mic as well. Different polar patterns produce a different convenient result. Pick that one which meets up all your requirements.

  • Frequency Response

At last, check the frequency response of the condenser microphone closely as it is a vital factor to consider.

Final Verdict

Finally, I may say that the review of the Good condenser mic will be really helpful for you to find the best quality condenser mic from the market. Not only the quality, this article will certainly be helpful to you to find the best product comparing with your budget as well.

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