Best Camcorder Under 300 to 350 in 2021 – Budget Friendly

Best Camcorder Under 300Do you love to share whatever you find interesting with friends or follower? I guess that’s a Yes. Well, a camcorder must be like the third hand for you. Camcorders are commonly referred as a self-contained device for video recording function.

It works similarly as a digital camera. Imaging sensor creates electric signals that internally converts into video data. Not only video but you can also record the audio with the microphone.

So it has become an on-the-go device for many. If you are up for buying the Best camcorders under 300, You will also get a complete buying guideline from them. Hope you enjoy!

Check our Review of best Camcorder under 300 dollars

1. Sony HDR-CX405 Review

Sony HDR-CX405If you are looking for the sports Camcorder, then Sony HDR- CX405/B Handycam HD Camcorder is best for you. The wide angle ZEISS lens having 26.8mm wide angle will help you to cover a wider distance.

This camcorder can shoot Full HD videos maintain a resolution of 1920×1080 at 60 frames per second rate. Also, you can shoot in active mode with an Optical Steady Shot featured image stabilization. For shooting closer to the action you will get 30x optical and 60x clear image zoom feature. That is why it is good for sports shooting at a reasonable price.

This camcorder provides output in AVCHD and MP4 formats. Moreover, it can create multiple clips automatically from MP4 codes and highlight them. This aforementioned feature makes it one of the best camcorders for ghost hunting in the market.


1. Perfect for sports.

2. Super image stabilization feature.

3. Wide angle lens.

4. Full HD video recording.

5. Shooting in active mode.

6. Extra zoom feature for getting closer shot.


1. You need to attach higher quality microphones for getting a clearer sound.


2. Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K

Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180KAt this point in the review, we’ve got a camcorder which is a good fit for both indoor and outdoor shooting. With plenty of positive vibes and functionalities ahead, presenting the Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K.

While many of the similar camcorders have got complains about the zoom feature, we’ve got to experience the next level smart zooming capacity over here. You can zoom up to 50x and 90x to bring any scene from far to close without any distortion.

The lenses used in this camera is wide angle 28mm lenses. This one is pretty familiar among vloggers to shot group images in indoor events of weddings.

The ⅕.8 BSI sensor is responsible for a large capturing area even in dim light condition. On top of that, you’ve got a built-in noise reduction system to make videos publishable.

The Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K had taken the controllability into next level. There are creative controls, 8mm movie filter, silent movie filter, miniature effect and so on. Also, you can record and shoot time-lapse photos and videos.

That was about the video. But the audio quality also was rather impressive. We’ve found out crisp and clear audio output when we checked out the video recorder by the camera.


1. Both of 50x and 90x zooming capacity.

2. 28mm wide angle lens for more coverage.

3. A large effective area to shot indoor and family events.

4. Time-lapse audio and video recording.

5. Built-in effects and filters for video.

6. Two channel zoom microphone for clear audio.


1. Not-so-good image stabilization.


3. Sony HDR-PJ380/B High Definition Handycam Camcorder

Sony HDR-PJ380Sony is already an industry-leading brand, and it had added another feather onto its crown with Sony HDR-PJ380/B Camcorder. This camera is an 8.9MP 1080p HD recorder camera where you’ll get every perk that a Handycam should have. Along with detailed functions, it’s super-carriable as well.

The best and most unique fact about this camera is it’s 35 lumens built-in projector. With an instance, you can show your audience what photos and video you’ve shot earlier.

The photo and video quality are impressively high. With the full HD 1920x1080p video quality, the videos are good to share over the internet and to show in a smart TV.

When it comes to the photo quality, you’ve got a 24.1MP camera to shoot the photos for you. While shooting, you can zoom up to 55x. And to keep your track on the subject, there is a built-in smart autofocus feature provided.

One question that video shooters are often come up with is- can it shoot smoothly on the go. Well, this Sony HDR-PJ380/B is already proven to do so. Just hover over youtube and search for the videos shot by this gear, and you’ll understand why we’re recommending it so strongly.

Finally, we have a tiny disappointment about the battery life, but for short term outdoor shoots, you’ve to keep extra batteries. That’s how you’ll get out of the trouble.


1. 1080p exclusive quality video with a 24.1MP photo camera.

2. Build in the projector of 35-lumen capacity.

3. 3″ widescreen with a touch screen.

4. Autofocus and 55x zoom while shooting the pictures.

5. A perfect kit to shoot videos on the go.

6. Wind noise reduction.

7. Compatible with smartphones, computers, pads etc.

1. Battery life isn’t that much as it’s pretended to be.


4. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R800 CamcorderAt this point, it’s Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder, which is a budget-friendly pick for recording indoor events, sports or vlogs. The technical specs of this camera contain a Full HD CMOS sensor, a 1920x1080p video recording capacity, Digic DV 4 processor, and 57x advanced zoom and so on. We will break down the features below-

Firstly, it records 1080p quality video in MP4 format, and it eliminated diagonal noises while recording. For processing the video, there is a Digic DV 4 image processor device. And the sensor used inside is of full HD CMOS sensor of 3.28 megapixel. As you know, this sensor is the pretty much standard one used in similar cameras.

You can oom up to a degree of 57x, but there will be a decent amount of distortion while zooming in. But as there is an optical image stabilization feature, you don’t have to worry about vibrating or shaking the hand.

The touch panel screen is of 3 inches in dimension. The size is nothing extraordinary, but the screen resolution is impressively high. We’re sure you’ll give a thumbs up for that.

The body is made to be pretty much lightweight, and it’s well-protected against environmental odds. Also, it’s compact, convenient and easy to carry. So, roaming around with it won’t be any hassle for you


1. 1080p/60p video recording.

2. 57x advanced zoom with image stabilization.

3. 28 mp full HD CMOS sensor.

4. Digic DV 4 image processor.

5. Lightweight and compact body.

6. 3” inches touch panel HD display.

7. Removable and instant card storage.


1. Not a good fit for action cam shooting


5. Canon R500 Digital Camcorder Review

Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R500 is a camcorder

with a 3.28 MP camera & 1080p HD sensor.

As image processor, you’ve got to use a Digic DV4 version, which is the latest technology within such price range.

The best fact about this camcorder is, you can record an even fast moving object through it with crisp details. The recording capacity is 1080p/60p which stores the video files in MP4(35 Mbps) or AVCHD(28 Mbps) formats. Both of the file formats are easy to share over cable and wifi connection.

The display is a convenient style 3 inches LCD touch-enabled screen, which induces smooth and intuitive controls. Also, the screen is quite energy-efficient. So, you don’t have to worry about consuming much of the battery power because of the screen.

To help you with recording vlogs outdoor, there is the Superrange Optical Image Stabilizer used. And that comes as a unique feature of Canon, the brand.

To store and share your videos and images, there is a removable SD card slot provided, which come with several capacities. It can hold up to 2048 GB of storage card. In case you want to be even faster with the storage, you can implement an SDXC card as well.


1. 57x advanced magnification.

2. SuperRange Optical image stabilization.

3. Real-time 1920x1080p full HD video recording.

4. 3.28 MP full HD CMOS image sensor.

5. 38 pre-defined shooting situations.


1. Zoomed photos get over-distorted.


6. Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder (Black)

Canon VIXIA HF R700 CamcorderThis camcorder has an advanced zoom feature of 57x ranging from 32.5-1853mm. For image stabilization, it is equipped with Super Range Image Stabilizer.

Moreover, the camcorder has 3.28 Megapixel of the image sensor that is Full HD with CMOS technology.  It also can capture video of 1920×1080 resolution as it comes with DIGIC DV Four Image Processor. Also, you will find an SD memory card slot which will help you to store your recording directly on your memory card.

Finally, this camcorder from Canon comes with a 3.0-inch capacitive featured touch panel which makes it one of the best camcorders for YouTube 2020. It’s easy accessing feature having simple menu navigation and simple viewing feature with user-friendly interface makes it one of the best camcorder in the recent market.


1. User-friendly interface for quick and simple access.

2. It is capable of recording full HD videos.

3. Image stabilizer feature provides super quality and steady video.

4. You can increase or decrease lightness of the touch panel according to your needs.

5. It comes with a powerful image sensor for better imaging performance.


1. If you can’t set the functional menu properly you may face a slight white outline surrounding the object you are focusing.


7. GoPro HERO5 [Black]

GoPro HERO5 BlackGoPro had been quite of a brand among vloggers, Youtubers and everyone who likes to shoot around. And as a prominent member of their Hero series, we’d like to call up GoPro HERO5 Black on the podium.

It’s a compact sized action camera particularly made for outdoor shooting. Its stunning 4K video recording capability with video stabilization is everything a vlogger looks for.

But the best part of GoPro HERO5 Black is its image shooting capability. With the 12MP photo camera, you can shoot high-quality photos in three modes- single, burst and time lapse. For keeping any sequence of moments together in an album, you can hardly find anything better.

In terms of usability and controllability, this Hero5 would take you to another dimension with its voice controllability, and one button control. Specially, we would give the one button control an honor of mention because it’s a blessing for any action game recorder.

To sustain the odds at an outdoor environment, the body is made to be quite rugged and protective from the water. Even, you can shoot under a water depth of 33ft or 10m.

The touch display is 2 inches, as the overall size of the camera is meant to be compact. So, no major complaints there.


1. A 4K quality video for recording action shoots.

2. 12MP photo camera along with auto stabilization.

3. Single, burst and time-lapse mode of capturing.

4. Made to be rugged and waterproof.

5. Can shoot at a depth of up to 33ft under water.

6. Voice control and one-button startup.

1. 2” display is hardly compatible for viewing your contents.


8. Sony HDRCX330 Video Camera

Again, we’re up with another pick from Sony. And this time it’s Sony HDRCX330 Video Camera.  You may get surprised by the high price tag that comes along with this camera. But later when we’ll be done with explaining its features, you’ll find the ground behind it.

It’s a full HD 1920x1080p recordable video camera, but the sensor used inside is pretty much advanced than many of its competitors. Sony had used a 9.2MP Exmor R Cmos sensor. As a benefit, the quality of the photo and video will be way higher than ordinary 3.2mp CMOS sensors.

In low light scenarios, the performance of this camera would be pretty impressive. In fact, we’ve seen users to appreciate this feature of the product most.

On top of that, there is an optical SteadyShot image stabilization, which comes with an intelligent active mode. The active mood is able to undergo the shakes and vibrations and not ruin the video quality because of these.

You can control it wireless vial wifi and the data transferring speed is pretty much high. Also, the frame of the recorder is wider comparing to other video cameras because of it’s wide angle G lens.

You can magnify its frame up to 60x, which is once again, smarter and better. There is face detection, built-in USB port, and high-quality audio recording.


1. 1080p video recording with a 9.2mp sensor.

2. Optical SteadyShot stabilization.

3. Wireless control and face detection.

4. Wide angle shot with G Lens.

5. 30x and 60x optical zoom.

6. Built-in USB cable port.


1. Screen size is small(2.7”).



9. Sony HDRCX440 Handycam CamcorderSony HDRCX440 review

Camcorders that sony products are great, but they often come within the right price range. But Sony HDRCX440 Handycam Camcorder is a sweet exception among them all. Within a low budget, you get to have all sort of facilities that a good quality camcorder should have.

You can create 1920x1080p quality video along with this 9.2 MP camera, and the videos will be either MP4 or AVCHD format. On top of that, videos will be of low grain because of the Sony Black Exmor R CMOS sensor.

You can magnify it up to 60x, and 30x of it will be of optical and the rest 30x will be of digital zoom. The processing power is pretty much high.

Like most of the Sony camcorder os the same size, it has got a 2.7 inches screen display, where you can clearly visualize your images and videos. Rest of the features are all same to the mainstream Sony camcorders.


1. SteadyShot active mode image stabilization.

2. Live broadcast capability with Ustream.

3. Automatic highlight effect on video.

4. 50mbps 1080p resolution videos.

5. 30z optical and 60x digital zoom.

6. Can be connected and controlled wirelessly.

1. To touch screen provided.



10. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action CameraAKASO EK7000 review

After some regular Handycam and camcorder, we’ve got to talk about AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera. It’s an extremely budget-friendly sports action camera with all essential features packed in.

You can record 4K ultra HD videos with it, and the quality will be 25fps. If you degrade the video quality into 2.7K, the frame rate would be 30 fps. The photo taking the quality of this camera is 12MP, and the photos are quite good quality, we have to saw.

The size of the camera is pretty compact, and it comes with waterproof protection along with it. The battery life is long enough to sustain for at least 90 minutes of video recording.

There are built-in Wifi and HDMI connection capacity. And fine sharing through any of these methods is pretty much easy.

For extreme environment shooting, this camera would be on top of our list. Specially, for people who’re looking for an action cam within budget.


1. 4K Ultra HD and 2.7K HD video recording capacity.

2. 12MP photo taking sensor.

3. Long battery life of up to 90 minutes of video.

4. Built-in wide and HDMI port.

5. 100 feet of water pressure intake.

6. Compact, carriable in size.

7. Fit for extreme outdoor environments.


1. No strong image stabilization scheme.



11. ORDRO HDV-F5 Video Camcorder

If you want to get macro lens effect for viewing at a minimal distance, then ORDRO HDV- F5 Video Camcorder is here at the top of the list. It’s built-in macro operation, long-lasting battery backups and multimedia functioning makes it one of the best camcorders youtube in today’s market.

This portable camcorder comes with 5.0 Megapixel image sensor. Also, you can find a 3.0 inches touchscreen LCD display with a rotation capability of 270 degrees. It has a 16x optical zoom feature. For macro shooting, it has enhanced feature such as- 15-25 cm wide angle lens with a 0.45x optical zoom feature.

This camcorder is equipped with a 1800mAh Li-on battery cell which can be fully charged within 3 hours from the second time charging. Also, it has SD and SDHC (up to 64 GB) storage facility. Moreover, it’s anti-shake feature, self-time technology, and unique face detection with smile capture feature makes it one of the best camcorder for youtube. Because while hunting you might need some macro video shooting. This ORDRO HDV- F5 Video Camcorder allows everything you desire.


1. Portable.

2. LCD rotation facility.

3. It comes with powerful batteries.

4. It can be powered by power bank.

5. Anti-shake facility.

6. Unique face detection technology.

7. It is equipped with self-timer facility.


1. Try less to remove or reinstall your battery. It can drain some power back up.


12. Samsung F90 White CamcorderSamsung F90 review

If you are looking for a professional zooming quality camcorder then this Samsung f90 White Camcorder is perfectly suited with you. It’s 52x optical zoom capability will help you to shoot closer while staying at a distance. It can shoot HD video having a resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

For excellent color and high detail, the camcorder comes with Hyper DIS technology having 5 megapixels of image processing option. Also, the 2.7-inch display that is equipped with it will help you to view your footage instantly.

It supports SD or SDHC or even SDXC memory cards. Also, it has night mood shooting facility but it’s not a true night vision camera.


1. Extra zooming feature.

2. It comes with a big and bright screen.

3. It provides excellent detail of your shooting.

4. Compatible with almost every memory cards.

1. If you are shooting in manual mode and doesn’t set the proper option then you find problem while capturing a picture.


13. Camcorder, Hausbell Camcorder with WifiHAUSBELL Camcorder review

With wifi facility and real-time broadcasting feature, the Hausbell 1920x1080p Digital Video Camcorder is simply the best camcorder for sports recruiting. You will be provided with a real-time remote by which you can control your camcorder. Wi-Fi function allows you to turn your iSmart TV into a remote.

The most ingenious feature of this camcorder is real-time broadcasting. An online broadcasting app which acts real time is installed with it. So you can now record important events video in high definition quality and share them over over the world with this real-time technology.

Moreover, this lightweight camcorder comes with TFT 3 inches’ touch display. It has 16x optical zoom facility. Also, the 5-megapixel image sensor provides clearer and highly detailed photos. In addition, the touchscreen display has rotational feature. It is hugely beneficial for real-time shooting. This high spec camcorder comes with a reasonable price.


1. Portable and lightweight.

2. Touchscreen rotation facility.

3. Share your HD videos on the go.

4. Wifi enabled.

5. Smooth track record.


1. If you use a tripod, then you will get stabilize the image.



Final Verdict

Here you have been familiarized with the best camcorders under 300 and you can see the differences clearly from every review. Some camcorders have image stabilization with wide angle lens which is good for sports, some camcorders have a macro lens which is good for video, some camcorders decent image sensors which is good for YouTube video. So, now the choice is yours. Which type of shooting you are doing, you will be doing with the best camcorder after going through these reviews.