About Us

Hey there! My name is Brent Wilson, photographer and camera gear geek. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to techwhippet.com. If you love photography, no matter your skill and experience level, you’ll love it here. Here’s a little background on who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

About the Author

Brent Wilson

“Who’s Brent Wilson?” The answer to that question has only been made possible by my love of photography. When I was just a little boy, back in the ’90s, my dad brought home a brand new Nikon 28Ti. With its retro analog display and a black faux leather body, that film camera was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen… and I instantly fell in love.

That camera was way ahead of its time, although I didn’t know it back then. I was only 8 years old, but I was already fiddling with the aperture and exposure dials, not even understanding what the buttons did. Despite my mom’s repeated complaints about how much money I was wasting on film with my incessant photography experiments, my dad let me continue because even he could see that I had a knack for what I was doing.

Fast forward a few decades, and photography is now both my passion and my livelihood. For a few years, I was stuck at one boring desk job after another… until I decided enough was enough. I took up my Canon Rebel, signed up for a masterclass, realized I already knew everything there was to know and began photographing professionally in earnest.

The History of TechWhippet

But how did the creation of this website come about? When I started out on my journey as a professional photographer, I met many amateurs who were stuck with shifty photography gear that made it difficult for them to relay their artistic intentions properly. I would get questions and emails asking me what tripod, what light meter, and even what editing software I was using.

I realized, eventually, what the problem was: a lack of proper information. The market for photography gear is, quite undeniably, vast—to say the least. And so it makes sense why so many photographers come up short when trying to figure out what equipment is best suited to their skills, preferences, and artistic vision.

That’s why, with the help of a few other photographers, enthusiasts, and tech critics, I created this website. My aim is to bridge the gap between photographers and the market for photography gear, bringing them closer to achieving their artistic goals with the right equipment.

To that effect, you will find on our website numerous articles reviewing the latest products on the market. We also have a dedicated blog team whose job is to write guides on photography tips, tricks, and techniques. We might earn a small commission from the sales links on our articles, but don’t worry; all of our opinions are fully our own and unbiased.

This platform has been quite a few years in the making, so I feel very lucky to be able to finally invite you to join me on my quest to spread the love of photography. Grab your camera, and let’s go!