30 Best Creative Instagram Poll Questions For Every Influencer

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Best Creative Instagram Poll Questions Ask someone around 14-19 if they could live without Instagram. Even more, ask them whether they prefer Facebook over Instagram?

The answers will shock you.

Generation Z is considered as the most eccentric generation out there. And for them Instagram is life.

Different social media have different purposes. We believe Instagram is the lifestyle of social media for millennials and generation Z.

Some use Instagram only to share their passion to work with their followers. If you’re an artist or writer or photographer, just share your work on Instagram and see what your followers say about it.

That’s not all-

Instagram is a great platform for personal branding. You start low with a few followers and keep on sharing your work. Soon you’ll see yourself as an Instagram influencer.

In 2018, Instagram released an amazing feature. That is poll questioning. This is actually a marvelous way to boost up some engagement. Whether you’re a business or a normal bored person looking for some conversation, this feature will help you out.

Now, there are some pretty awesome ways to use this poll questioning feature. And we’re here to show you the way.

So, let’s get to it at once-

Instagram Polls 101

Before jumping directly into the types of questions and everything, we’d like to get you known with the poll feature. Being said that, we’ve created some pointers that explain everything that you should know about Instagram polls. Now, let’s explore those-

You can ask in any format: This feature was actually designed for ask me anything format. But you can use it for any type of question and answer format.

Responses are shareable: Your question poll goes into your Instagram stories. Now, if you want to share your responses then you have to go through a couple of steps.

  1. Swipe up on your Insta poll story page.
  2. You’ll find your story stats here. Tap onto the view count.
  3. Then look for the view all option under the response previews.
  4. Tap the view all option.
  5. Hit up any of the responses once all of those get loaded.
  6. Choose from the options ‘Share to a new story’ or ‘Delete’.

Answers are confidential: Only the questioner can know who responded to what. Even if you share a response in your story, Insta won’t show the username. This is a great step taken by Insta to stop bullying.

Responses are available in notifications too: You’ll find the response updates in your notifications alongside your likes and comments updates.

Responses are always available: In Facebook, you can’t get back to stories after those expire. In Instagram it’s different. You can view those responses at any time just by visiting the archive. You’ll enter the archive after tapping onto the clock icon at the top right of your profile. There you’ll find a dropdown menu and you have to select Stories. After hitting the Stories option, you’ll be able to see al those responses.

Creative Ways to Use Instagram Story Polls

Use Instagram polls in the right way and you’ll see your engagement rate skyrocket. Use this in a wrong way and you’ll end up thinking that people don’t like you.

So, we have gathered up some creative ideas with examples to help you out-

Ask for Problems

This one is for people who use Instagram for monetary purposes. Everyone faces problems with something. Sometimes, different people find different problems with the same product.

So, you can ask your follower group, ‘What is the greatest struggle with Product X or service Y?’

Based on the answers, you can create informative posts and solutions. Remember informative stuff drive traffic like crazy. This applies to any platform.

Moreover, on Instagram, you have the response confidentiality. That means more responsibility without any competitor exposure. One sample question is:

  1. Showing a product: This is the X model Camera. What bothered you most while using it?

Based on the responses, you can provide info content.

Ask for actual feedbacks

This one is for everyone. Whether you are a normal person or a business or an Insta influencer, this is equally important for everyone.

Based on the feedback you can improve yourself. Some example poll ideas are:

  1. Showing a product picture: ‘What do you think is the worst thing about this?’
  2. Showing two products: ‘Choose between two products.’
  3. Showing paintings: “What do you want me to improve?”
  4. Showing Screenshot of Blog Post: “Any suggestions on this post?”
  5. Showing a picture of your workstation: “What do you want to see more from me?”
  6. Posting a picture of you: “How do I look?”

Based on these feedbacks, you can modify your next step. If you want, then you can post the poll results with your followers. Moreover, if you take any step based on the polls then share that too. Followers love it when their poll answers actually matter.

Ask people for recommendations

You can ask your followers for any type of recommendations. You can ask about books.

  • “Suggest me a photography book.”

You can ask about restaurants.

  • “Suggest me a restaurant with great ambiance.”

You can ask about accounts to follow.

  • Best artist/singer/photographer/writer account to follow?

Post the picture of activity and ask

  • Should we?

Or ask for suggestions-

  • Do you know a pretty good photographer/designer/developer?

Again, share the result of the poll so that your audience may feel important.

Try doing an AMA

AMA means Ask Me Anything. This is the most popular option out there. And the followers like it the most too.

If you’re just a normal user, then this will make you more loveable. If you are running a business page, then this will increase your transparency and brand image.

Host up Specific Topic Q&A

A generic AMA sometimes goes a bit personal. To avoid that you can give your followers some specific topics. Make sure that these topics are productive to both you and your followers.

For example-

  1. Ask me anything about Action Cameras
  2. Ask me anything about Headphones
  3. Ask me anything about Instagram
  4. Ask me anything about impressionism and cubism
  5. Ask me anything about nihilism

You can stir up conversations with your followers through responses to these types of questions.

Ask for stories

Many brands are built upon stories. Be it person brands or product brands. So, you can ask your followers for stories.

This method can be sued for both personal uses and commercial uses.

You can ask your followers-

  1. What is the best moment for you with me?
  2. What is the best childhood story of you with this brand?

You can later use these stories to create your contents. This will also make your followers feel important.

Do some Market Research

Market research doesn’t necessarily have to be for businesses. Even if you are up for some personal branding, this is necessary.

Market research through Insta poll stories is possible in many ways. You can ask-

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How did you find me?
  3. Do you buy things after seeing them on Insta?
  4. Would you like to see more contents on your stories or feeds?
  5. Are you a cat person or dog person?
  6. Are you a millennial or gen z?
  7. Have you ever visited another country?
  8. which camcorder should i use for live?

These are some examples of market research story polls. These questions can be both open-ended and multiple choice. Based on the responses, you can tailor your next contents.

Use the Emoji Slider

The emoji slider is a super awesome part of Insta Poll stories. You can use this for many purposes. The most important part of using this is- people love to use it.

Here you can add more than two options. If that isn’t enough, then just put the scale.

Some example questions can be-

  1. How long should my captions be? You can either put a scale or include a few options.
  2. How is our quality?

Sometimes, you can use this with unrelated contents too. For example-

  1. How fast is Phelps underwater?
  2. A tortoise is __ times faster than Phelps underwater?

Or you can use this for personal branding too. You can ask-

  1. How annoying am I?

You can bring in different types of questions for this method. Just make sure to give out something to your followers later on based on their responses. Making followers important is crucial.

Drive traffic to somewhere else with polls

You can ask your followers questions like-

How much should a sports person spend on recording gears?

With this question, you can add back a link to some other content of yours. Be it your website or somewhere else.

Bottom Line

There are many creative ways to use this Instagram feature. You can mix up methods for better engagement.

Just don’t forget to respond to the responses of your followers. Show them that their decisions are making an impact. Show them that you’re listening to them.

Trust us, this will pay off.

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