10 Best Free Eco-Friendly Apps to Save the Environment

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How to reduce water consumption, apply for a landfill site or other environmental offense? How to plant trees and find organic products in your city?

10 Best Free Eco-Friendly Apps

10 Best Free Eco-Friendly Apps to Save the Environment

This and much more can be done with your smartphone!

1. TrashOut

TrashOut is an interactive map of unauthorized landfills that can be used to mark and report garbage collection sites in your neighborhood, city, or anywhere else in the world.

The project allows each user to contribute to the improvement of the environment. The data collected by TrashOut users will help local institutions, organizations, and governments to improve the environmental situation in the world.

If you find an illegal dump, take a picture of it with the TrashOut app, where you can also choose the size and then a new mark appears on the map. The app automatically detects the location of the landfill.

2. Joulebug

JoulebugThis app is suitable for anyone who wants to start living a more environmentally friendly life. Numerous eco-tips and recommendations to make every aspect of your daily life more eco-friendly are given here in a game mode.

For each eco-action in the app, you can get bonuses. In addition, there is an opportunity to take part in a competition with your neighbors.

3. Plume

PlumeBefore going for a walk or a picnic, users can check their breathability assessment to see how long and when they can stay outside without harming their health.

The app draws on reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) which monitors more than 11,000 meteorological stations in 30 countries. The current situation is assigned a so-called Plume Index, a clear analog of the more sophisticated Air Quality Index (AQI) used by scientists and governments.

Plume Air Report also shows the air quality during the day and gives a forecast for the night based on previous data. In addition, the app displays the current Ultraviolet Index (UV index) so that users know when to apply sunscreen.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes (including Apple Watch version) and Google Play.

4. No Waste

No WasteHow often do you buy products and have no time to check an expiration date? Do you regularly check your refrigerator contents? With the No Waste app, you can control your eating habits, keep track of your food’s shelf life, and avoid buying more than you can eat.

With this app, you can also manage your shopping lists. In addition, you will receive notifications every time some product expires.


According to this blog, using the app, you can save up to $1,000 annually and spend less time shopping.

5. iRecycle

iRecycleiRecycle is a great resource for finding local, convenient recycling opportunities. It allows you to find locations for recycling 350+ materials in more than 1,500,000 ways. Simply type in whatever object you’d like to recycle and local centers will be listed with contact information, working hours and restrictions. With this convenient app, there’s no reason not to recycle.

6. Eco-Tracker

With this app, you can consolidate your eco-habits and contribute to improving the environment around the world by starting with yourself. The authors of the app offer a list of habits for users to choose from. They are supposed to pick the most useful and appropriate for them. Then it’s recommended that you review your list of habits daily and celebrate what you’ve done today. You can also watch the eco-tracker for a week / month / year and rate your progress.



7. Oroeco – Carbon Footprint Calculator

With this app, you can calculate your impact on climate change. For example, you can calculate how your electricity consumption, transport, eating habits, and hobbies affect the climate.

The calculator also offers a variety of tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint by changing some of your habits.


This online app was developed on the type of social network. The main purpose was to involve people in the universal exchange of food products. Thus, all users of the service are more rational with food and help reduce unnecessary food waste.

Once an acc is been created, users are encouraged to upload photos and descriptions of the products they have in excess. For example, a rich harvest of vegetables, an excessive supply of canned food, a carton of milk or other leftovers. If you realize you’ve still got, e.g., a bowl full of fruit that’s going to go off while you’re away, pop it on Olio and someone comes to pick it up. No more food waste!

9. Ecosia

Plant a tree using a search engine – how is that possible? The Ecosia eco-search app allows you to do this. Ecosia Search is the tree-planting browser that uses at least 80% of its advertising income to fund tree planting programs around the world. Plant trees during your regular online search!

10. Dropcountr

How often do you let tap water run while brushing your teeth? How much water do you consume while washing dishes or taking a bath?


If you want to change your eco-habits a bit and reduce the amount of water you use, the Dropcountr app can help. It will provide you simple but helpful analytics of water usage and help you keep track of the water amount you use per month. Moreover, it provides tips to reduce water use by an average of 9%.

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